P07-GL01External independent evaluation organizations and expertsUN Department for Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), UN Mine Action Coordination Centres (UNMACC), UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS), donors
International consultantsUS $42,850.00
Programme support costsUS $11,503.00
Travel expensesUS $45,647.00
TOTALUS $100,000.00
ProjectEvaluation of Mine Action Programmes
Area of Workn.A.
Appealing Agency
Project Contact PersonBrady, Justin (bradyj@un.org)
Project Budget2008: US $100,000.00
Funds Requested2008: US $100,000.00
Implementing PartnersExternal independent evaluation organizations and experts
Targeted BeneficiariesUN Department for Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), UN Mine Action Coordination Centres (UNMACC), UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS), donors
Project Duration01-01-2008 through 01-12-2008
Project CodeP07-GL01

The project will evaluate the effectiveness of landmine and unexploded ordnance emergency threat assessment, and the process for planning and integration with UN peacekeeping operations. It will assess programmes in terms of management, resource mobilization, reporting, communications and planning, and review the responsibilities of programme managers. It will evaluate the relationship and effectiveness of programmes within the context of the larger UN peacekeeping operation, if applicable. Finally, it will consider the performance and effectiveness of UNOPS as an executing agency.

* Assess existing programmes, including achievements and overall impact.
* Determine how donors evaluate programmes and if this is an efficient use of their resources.
* Review the performance of UNMAS in supporting projects in terms of resource mobilization and advocacy, administration and finance, and project implementation.
* Assess whether programmes have given sufficient attention to capacity development for national counterparts and reviews of the approaches used.
* List topics for any evaluations to be conducted for the next year.
* Identify resources required for internal evaluation.
* Assess training needs to enhance internal evaluation systems.

* The project will produce lessons learned and recommendations for use by the UN system, UN mine action programmes and donors.

$42 8502008International consultants
$45 6472008Travel expenses
$11 5032008Programme support costs
Tuesday, January 1, 2008 to Monday, December 1, 20082008NoBrady, Justin0