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 Overview of UNMAS Funding

UNMAS programmes in the field and UNMAS HQ coordination activities are funded in a number of ways:

  • UN General Assembly Appropriations: Appropriations are made by the UN General Assembly for mine action components of peacekeeping missions.
  • Governments and individuals to the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Assistance in Mine Action: Contributions to the VTF are critical for life-saving mine action programming around the world.     
  • Assessed budget: Funds allocated to UNMAS HQ coordination activities within the UN Peacekeeping Support Account.

 UNMAS Sources of Funding   

  • Voluntary Trust Fund for Assistance in Mine Action in 2017: US$ 100,067,936


  • Regular and Assessed Budget for Peacekeeping in 2017/2018: US$ 170,373,868


  • Peacekeeping Support Account for coordination in 2017/2018: US$ 1,245,121.