P08-GL03UNDP, non-governmental organizations, UN agenciesThe public, governments of affected and unaffected countries, affected communities
General management costsUS $7,000.00
Media campaigns, outreach materialUS $100,000.00
TOTALUS $107,000.00
ProjectLandmines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Awareness Raising
Area of Workn.A.
Appealing Agency
Project Contact PersonSekkenes, Sara (sara.sekkenes@undp.org)
Project Budget2008: US $107,000.00
Funds Requested2008: US $107,000.00
Implementing PartnersUNDP, non-governmental organizations, UN agencies
Targeted BeneficiariesThe public, governments of affected and unaffected countries, affected communities
Project Duration01-01-2008 through 01-01-2008
Project CodeP08-GL03

The project will raise awareness among members of the public, in countries affected and unaffected by mines, about explosive remnants of war (ERW) such as cluster munitions, landmines and unexploded ordnance.

* Conduct media campaigns and distribute materials that raise awareness of the scourge of landmines and ERW, and encourage support for international treaties and processes as well as the creation of legally binding instruments to address impacts.
* Participate in public advocacy events to raise awareness of mine and ERW threats.

* More people will be aware of mine and ERW problems, and will support campaigns and contribute to fundraising efforts.
* Donors will maintain their interest in and contributions to steps to address mine and ERW problems.
* More countries will become states parties to existing instruments.
* More countries will support the development of new instruments.
* States parties to existing instruments will put more efforts into implementation.

$100 0002008Media campaigns, outreach material
$7 0002008General management costs
Tuesday, January 1, 20082008NoSekkenes, Sara0