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Today's Mine Action News (10 July 2013)

Posted on July, 10 2013


Mozambique Has 9.7 Million Square Metres Of Land Left For Demining
[Bernama] The Mozambican government's National Demining Institute (IND) says there are still an estimated 9.7 million square metres of land in the country to be demined before the cut-off date of 2014, with 90 percent made up of new areas identified during the course of the IND's work and not included in earlier estimates made in 2007/2008.

Danish Demining Group: Fighting ‘frontline culture’ in Somalia
[DDG - Relief Web] In Dollow, a small town in Somalia on the Ethiopian border, weapons are traditionally a standard household item. War has ravaged this part of the world for decades and generations have been born into conflict, revenge, fighting and insecurity – a frontline culture, explains Danish Demining Group’s Community Safety leader in the area.

South Sudan
South Sudan: Clearing the Remnants of War
[OCHA] For almost three decades, the small town of Rokon in South Sudan was deserted because its residents had fled the conflict between the Sudanese army and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA). But since the signing of a peace agreement in 2005, more than 4,000 people have returned to the town.

Yemen Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 16 | 9 June - 9 July 2013
[OCHA] Despite the on-going National Dialogue, expected to lead to constitutional reforms and elections in February 2014, the humanitarian situation in Yemen has not measurably improved. Although the National Dialogue is key to ultimately resolving the crisis, it also runs a real risk of overshadowing the immediate need to maintain effective humanitarian assistance for the rest of 2013. 


Iraqi Kurdistan
Deminer Post No15
[IKMAA] During the past few months Iraqi Kurdistan Mine Action Agency has spent a considerable amount of time and energy pressing for the approval by the KRG Council of Ministers of the draft “Rights and Privileges Law for Mine Action Professionals.”


A Woman Who Lost Her Leg Built A Prosthetic One Out Of LEGOs

[Business Insider] After losing a leg while replacing the brakes on her car last February, Christina Stephens began rebuilding her life brick by brick. 

How a Deadly Explosive, When 3D Printed, Could Be Life-Saving
[Atlantic] Things made with 3D-printers tend to fall into two broad categories: one is silly bordering on useless -- incredibly detailed chess pieces, a mug that looks surprised, a mask that looks like Tom Hanks, what have you.


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