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Today's Mine Action News (12 June 2013)

Posted on June, 12 2013


Dos niños de 13 años mueren por artefactos explosivos en Chocó y Sucre.
[Campaña Colombiana Contra Minas] Uno de los menores sufrió el accidente mientras participaba en una jornada ambiental de limpieza en Juradó, Chocó. El otro niño estaba pasando el fin de semana con sus abuelos en Corozal.


Lack of Funds Hampers Efforts to Rid World of Unexploded Cluster Munitions
[Mainichi] With Iraq signing on to become the 83rd State Party to the Convention on Cluster Munitions in May, the international community continues to face the grim reality of the legacies of war.

[JMAS] 2013年6月5日午後、JMAS東京事務所に国連PKO局地雷対策サービス部のアニス・マッカロー部長が来所され、先崎一会長らと会談しました。

Myanmar: Helping Landmine Survivors
[UMCOR] The ancient Southeast Asia country of Burma, renamed Myanmar by its military rulers in 1989, has been re-entering the global community of nations after decades of great isolation.


Blaze Triggers Landmine Explosions near PFLP-GC Base in al-Naameh
[Naharnet] A blaze erupted on Tuesday near the military base of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command in al-Naameh town-Harat al-Naameh to the south of Beirut, the state-run National News Agency reported.

Fragmented Lives Humanitarian Overview 2012
[OCHA] The main threat for the people of Gaza stems from the ongoing armed conflict.  data from the united nations Mine Action Service (unMAS) and the united nations department for Safety and Security (undSS) for 2011-2012 (prenovember escalation) indicated that an average of 53 munitions were  fired by israeli forces into Gaza on a monthly basis, and that fifty per cent of the rockets fired by armed groups in Gaza at israel fall short and land in Gaza. 


Peacekeeping Enhanced Through Mine Clearance
[UN Radio] There are some 15,000 people, both men and women, employed as de-miners with the UN Mine Action Service, UNMAS, around the world.

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