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Today's Mine Action News (17th January 2017)

Posted on January, 17 2017


Mine Clearance Death Probed
[Khmer Times] Authorities have launched an investigation into how one deminer was killed and another was seriously injured during an operation in Pailin province.

One Deminer Killed, Another Injured by Landmine in Pailin
[Cambodia Daily] A deminer working for the NGO Halo Trust was killed and another was injured in Pailin province on Friday after they detonated a mine while attempting to clear an area in the former Khmer Rouge stronghold, the NGO said.

Schoolboy Builds Laser Drone That Zaps Landmines from the Sky - Earns £600,000 from Indian Government
[MSN] A 14-year-old teenager from India has struck a US$730,000 deal with the Indian Government for his breakthrough invention of an anti-landmine drone.

Survival in the Midst of War: Germany’s Humanitarian Assistance in Syria
[Federal Foreign Office, Germany] Germany is one of the leading donor states in providing assistance for people in need in the conflict zones in Syria. The Federal Foreign Office has financed almost 70 humanitarian assistance projects for Syrian refugees in the country itself and in neighbouring states. A report on the daily reality of the humanitarian aid workers.


'Don't Touch Anything Shiny' Guide Tells of Knife-Edge Moment He Walked Princess Diana Through a Minefield in Angola 20 Years Ago
[Sun] Charity worker Paul Heslop acted as Di’s guide during her visit to the war-scarred African nation 20 years ago. Thousands of deadly landmines still littered the landscape following 20 years of civil war, with thousands of Angolans killed and maimed by the hidden explosives.

Twenty Years after Diana Campaign, New Landmine Crisis Plagues Iraq and Syria
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Twenty years after Princess Diana's iconic visit to a minefield in Angola, the world faces a new landmine crisis in Syria and Iraq on a scale not seen for decades, campaigners said on Sunday.

Princess Diana's Minefield Walk Remembered
[BBC Radio] Twenty years ago, Princess Diana, at the time probably the most famous woman in the world, walked through a live minefield in Angola to bring attention to the danger of landmines, and call for an international ban.

Princess Diana Helped Fight against Landmines 20 Years Ago But Deadly Hidden Menace Still Claims Too Many Lives
[Daily Records] Tomorrow marks 20 years since Princess Diana visited Angola with Scottish charity HALO Trust and shone a light on the barbarity of landmines. It was a watershed moment that led to the Mine Ban Treaty in Ottawa.

The Day Princess Diana Stepped Into an Active Minefield
[PRI] On Jan. 15, 1997, one of the world's most famous women walked through an active minefield in Angola, and detonated a mine in front of an audience of international reporters, with the help of a land mine removal expert.


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