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Today's Mine Action News (19th September 2016)

Posted on September, 19 2016


UNMAS Trains 10 Libyan Military Engineers Work in the Field of Mine Action to Survey Areas in Bengha
[UNSMIL] On 8 September, UNMAS celebrated the conclusion of its third Non-Technical Survey (NTS) course, which successfully trained and equipped 10 Libyan nationals from the Military Engineers Unit who are working in the field of mine action in Benghazi and surrounding areas.


Kerry to Attend Peace Ceremony in Colombia, Urges World to Fund Landmine Removal
[Colombia Report] "The demining initiative is both a humanitarian necessity, but it’s also a boost to peace. This is one of the things that will help to give confidence to the people of Colombia that the world is invested in this and we are serious about it.”

Colombia Begins Clearing Out Land Mines as Part of Peace Deal
[telesur] The Colombian government announced on Wednesday that it has begun clearing mines located in 48 municipalities in the country that were placed there during five decades of internal conflict.


Afghanistan’s National Mine Action Strategic Plan (2016–2021)
[Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction] Afghanistan suffers from severe landmine and explosive remnants of war (ERW) contamination, mostly as a result of the Soviet-Afghan War (1979–1989), internal conflict lasting from 1992 to 1996, and the United States-led coalition intervention in late 2001.

Afghan Civilian Assistance Program (ACAP III) - Monthly Status Update - July 2016
[UNMAS] Highlights: Received 182 incident reports from across the country, of which 66% were assessed within 15 days of the incident and 50% received immediate assistance packages within 21 days.

British Government to Finance Demining Operations in Azerbaijani Border Regions
[AzerNews] The British government will fund the demining operations to be held in the Azerbaijani border region to clear the areas from mines and unexploded ordnance (UXOs). 

[AAR Japan] 無差別に一般市民を殺傷し、紛争終結後も復興や難民の帰還を阻む地雷・クラスター爆弾。その非人道性から、対人地雷禁止条約(1997年)、クラスター爆弾禁止条約(2003年)が成立しました。その後は使用や被害は著しく減少していました。しかし、2011年に勃発したシリア危機を要因のひとつに、再びその被害が大きく増加しています。地雷・クラスター爆弾は、シリアの人々を今も、そして将来も襲い続ける、もうひとつの危機でもあります。

Spanish UNIFIL Vehicle Hit by Landmine in Ibl al-Saqi
[Naharnet] A landmine exploded Wednesday under a vehicle for Spanish peacekeepers in the outskirts of the southern town of Ibl al-Saqi, state-run National News Agency reported.

Military MPs Propose Removal of Landmines in Myanmar
[Global Times] Parliament members of the military in Myanmar have proposed to designate southeastern Kayin state as a pilot area for removing landmines, according to local media sources. 


Boris Johnson Pledges £2M from UK for Demining in Ukraine
[Halo Trust]  During a visit to Kiev today, Boris Johnson, Britain’s Foreign Secretary, announced an additional £2m for The HALO Trust to continue its operations in Ukraine over the next two years. The UK charity is currently clearing landmines and other explosive remnants of the conflict in the country’s eastern regions.


Challenges in Assisting Victims and Clearing Cluster Munitions
[UNMAS Geneva] Attracting more than 60 participants, UNMAS hosted a side event on 6 September during the 6th meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions in Geneva. 


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