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Today's Mine Action News (23rd August 2017)

Posted on August, 23 2017


Harnessing the Power of 3D Printing to Transform the Lives of Colombia’s Landmine Victims
[Colombia Reports] Our new charity in Medellin is using 3D printing technology to help Colombia’s landmine victims and children in need. You can help us. The Colombian Government has a target to clear the country of landmines by 2021, a target we hope can be met because as long as landmines are scattered around the countryside, people will continue to be maimed or even killed by them, war or no war.

Colombia Declares 166 Municipalities Free of Landmines
[telesur] Authorities in Colombia have declared that 166 of the country’s municipalities are free of anti-personnel landmines, adding that 14 other municipalities are free of suspicion of such weapons.


Double Trove of Wartime Explosives Unearthed
[Khmer Times] Hundreds of unexploded landmines and cluster munitions were found in Battambang and Kampong Cham provinces on Monday, according to an official from the Cambodian Mine Action Centre.

A Cambodian Engineer Is Building Robots to Demine His Home Country
[South East Asia Globe] On any given day, thousands of Cambodia’s deminers put on their protective gear and head out into forests and fields littered with weapons buried decades ago, still set to explode as soon as a person or vehicle presses down. They chop away at the vines and bushes that have grown over terrain on which one wrong step could be their last.

Pentagon Hopes to Declassify Hidden Threat in Mosul: ‘Dud’ U.S. Bombs
[NYT] he Pentagon is seeking to declassify strike targets in Mosul where American bombs did not explode, Defense Department officials say. That information would be used as part of a long and potentially dangerous effort to make the city, the site of eight months of fierce fighting between the Islamic State and an American-led coalition, livable again.

Nine Civilians Killed, Injured in Landmine Explosion, East of Mosul
[Iraqi News] Nine civilians were killed and wounded as a landmine, planted by Islamic State, exploded in Nineveh on Saturday, according to Mawazin News.

Clearing Lao PDR from Unexploded Ordnance Is Vital for Sustainable Development
[UNDP] The Government of Lao PDR, Development Partners and UXO Operators build a solid foundation to achieve the national Sustainable Development Goal 18, “Lives Safe from UXO.”

Three Lebanese Soldiers Killed in Landmine on Syria Border: Security Source
[Reuters] Three Lebanese soldiers were killed and one was critically wounded on Sunday when their armored vehicle hit a landmine on the Lebanese-Syrian border, a security source said.

Viet Nam
Unexploded Bombs Found in Đắk Lắk
[Viet Nam News] Two bombs weighing over 1,600kg left from the US war in Việt Nam were safely removed from the gardens of local families in Central Highlands’ Đắk Lắk Province on Tuesday, the military high command said.


Sir Bobby Charlton Centre for Landmine Blast Survivors Opens in Jordan
[Knutsford Guardian] A JOINT venture between a Knutsford landmine charity to help rehabilitate the survivors of the bloodiest of conflicts, will see the opening of a centre in Jordan this morning.

Why Princess Diana's Fight Against Landmines Was So Groundbreaking
[Town and Country] In January of 1997, just a few months before the tragic car crash that would take her life, Princess Diana stepped out onto an active minefield in Angola to learn how de-miners clear away explosives.


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