Betty - A Marco Grob film - Narrated by Daniel Craig


Betty Augustino is a member of an all-female demining team in Yei, South Sudan. She works with a project run by Norwegian People's Aid, supported by UNMAS. This film documents one day in the life of a deminer doing manual mine detection.

Douglas - A Marco Grob film - Narrated by Daniel Craig

Douglas Maketiwa protects us all. He is an explosives expert working in Mali. Douglas finds, gathers and destroys bombs left over from Mali's recent civil war. These explosive are often made into new weapons that target innocent civilians and threaten communities.


UNMAS "Sweeper"

Most of us will never understand the terror and human cost that comes from living with land mines. To raise awareness for the fight against land mines, UNMAS and Critical Mass created an iBeacon-powered virtual minefield to make it possible for New Yorkers to experience the fear millions live with every day.

Behind the Scenes of UNMAS South Sudan - Marco Grob

After decades of war South Sudan is contaminated with thousands of deadly unexploded bombs and landmines. These explosives threaten the lives and livelihoods of South Sudan’s inhabitants, and are still an impediment to development, peace and stability.