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Today's Mine Action News (21st March 2016)

Posted on March, 21 2016


Angola: Japan and Norway Release over USD 200.000 for Demining
[Angola Press] According to the Japanese ambassador to Angola, Kuniaki Ito, who was speaking at the end of the signing act, this value will benefit the mining in Malanje province and will be embodied for cleaning a total area of ​​117,000 square meters for one year.

Mozambique: Landmines Still Poses Problem Despite Declare Free
[Star Africa - APA] The head of Mozambique’s Institute’s Department of Deming Operations , Antonio Martins has said although Mozambique was declared “free of landmines” in 2015, some explosive devices continue to surprise people in new farming or housing areas across the country. 

South Sudan
Japan Donates US $2.3 million to Mine Action in South Sudan
[UNMAS] The People of Japan contributed USD 2.3 million to a project deploying Quick Response Teams in South Sudan, with the specific task of conducting humanitarian mine action activities. Over the past four years, Japan’s contribution to mine action operations in South Sudan amounted to USD 12.5 million, enabling the clearance of 3,972,675 sqm of land, including boreholes and food drop sites, and allowing for the delivery of risk education to 54,358 civilians, most of them children.


The Red Cross’ Priorities in Colombia for 2016
[Colombia Reports] The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said Tuesday that it’s main challenges in Colombia for 2016 are locating and identifying missing persons, landmine clearance programs, a years-long humanitarian crisis in prisons and humanitarian crises caused by armed groups not engaged in peace talks.

International Women’s Day 2016 – Celebrating Women in Mine Action
[GMAP] Nathalie Ochoa has seven years’ experience working in the mine action sector in Colombia. She joined the mine action sector in 2009 to assist with an impact survey being carried out by the national authority and has since worked with a humanitarian demining operator and the United Nations Mine Action Service. At present, she is living and working in Bogota, Colombia.


ASEAN Nations Take Home Enriching Experience in Mine Clearance
[The Indian Express] The Armies from ASEAN countries facing the problem of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) will go back home with learning experiences of the best practices in Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) from the Multinational Exercise of ASEAN Plus countries, senior military leaders from these countries said.

ANAMA Disarmed 80 UXOs and One Antitank Mine Last Month
[APA] In February 2016, Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) inspected 2,378,908 sq m area, disarming 80 unexploded ordinances (UXO) and 1 antitank mine, ANAMA’s press service told APA. 

Cluster-Bomb Seminar Will Aim to Push for Global Ban
[Khmer Times] Cambodia is set to host a seminar by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in May to encourage other countries to sign a treaty banning the use of cluster bombs and brief military officials on international conventions and laws. 

Japan: Helping Cambodia Clean up Its Landmines
[Euronews] In this Japan special edition of Focus, we went to Cambodia to see first-hand how Japan’s support in the de-mining process has helped bring peace and safety to local communities. 

Landmine Victims, Jalil Dudkanloo’s Story
[KurdistanHuman Rights Network] Following publication of a series of stories about victims of land mines, KHRN below publishes the story of another Kurdish citizen Jalil Dudkanloo, who lost both of his eyes and hands to a land mine explosion when he was a ten-year-old child.

Lao PDR’s UXO Sector Achieves New Clearance Milestone in 2015
[UNDP] The UXO Sector, supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), adopted a new, evidence-based UXO survey approach in 2015, which has resulted in a considerable increase in the number of cluster munitions cleared per hectare of land; from fewer than 7 cluster munitions per hectare in 2014 to more than 22 cluster munitions per hectare in 2015. 

Deadly Landmines Bring Terror To Millions In Myanmar
[World Post] Fasth is an anti-landmine activist. For years, he was based in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, where he advocated for the removal and banning of mines in the country as part of the Danish Demining Group.


Mine Map Targets UXO
[reNEWS] Ordtek and OrbisEnergy have produced an interactive map providing information on the location of unexploded ordnance around the UK coastline to help the developers of offshore wind farms.


Sport, Mine Action, Raising Awareness and JFK
[iSeek] Running, biking, swimming, playing volleyball, football (soccer), ping pong and basketball: sports are another language, a universal language. They bring people together; they give people a chance to try new things, to push their limits, to participate in common goals. 

Security Council Sanctions Committee on Central African Republic Meets with Senior United Nations Officials to Discuss Sanctions-Monitoring, Weapons Management
[United Nations] In his briefing, the representative of UNMAS highlighted, inter alia, the Service’s work in safeguarding ammunition and explosives from Camp Beal in Bangui, the destruction of unexploded ordnance and commercial explosives in the vicinity of the MINUSCA camp in Birao, and the construction of an armoury at Camp Kassai in Bangui.

How to Speed up Landmine Clearance
[European Commission] A surveying device that spotted a group of children playing just 50 metres from a landmine is part of a new suite of tools that could help improve and speed up the mine-clearing process.


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