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Today's Mine Action News (27th June 2016)

Posted on June, 27 2016


1 Killed as Ambulance Hits Land Mine in Northeast Kenya
[VoA] A Kenyan official says one person has been killed when an ambulance hit a land mine in the northeastern county of Garissa.


ACAP III Supports Victims of 19 April 2016 Attack in Kabul
[UNMAS] Farid was walking with his father to the market when the explosion hit. “First it felt like an earthquake, and then came the loud sound of the blast,” he said. I held my ears because of the noise. A wall from the military building fell on top of me. I woke up to find myself in the hospital. Doctors told me that along with other injuries, my back and leg were broken.”

Follow the Money
[Cambodia Daily] A surge in U.S. aid is helping Cambodia scale up work to rid its eastern provinces of the deadly detritus of old wars. With other countries pulling funding, deminers are leaving the west—where death and injury from old landmines and artillery shells are far more common—to do it. The consequences could be fatal.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Denies Cluster Bombs Found in War Zones Were Government Weapons
[Guardian] The Sri Lankan government has denied reports of the discovery of cluster bombs in formerly war-hit areas of the country by questioning the evidence and rejecting the suggestion that government forces used the weapons.

[AAR Japan] いつ自宅に爆弾が落ちてもおかしくない。今日は誰が被害に遭うのか。そんな強い不安を抱えた日常を、シリアの人々は生きています。空爆や地上戦は今も毎日のように続いており、国内避難民キャンプ、病院、学校、市場など、市民の生活の場が攻撃の対象になっています。

Seattle-Based PeaceTrees Helps Clear Landmines in Vietnam
[Yakima Herald] Kate Ruffing recalls what it’s like to be in Vietnam watching experts carefully detonate thunderous explosions of decades-old land mines, artillery shells and bombs.


Bomb Disposal Unit Recover Second World War Anti-Tank Mine Found in Woods Near Bury St Edmunds
[East Anglian] Bomb disposal experts last night excavated a Second World War mine discovered in an area of woodland off Grove Lane, Stanton. A female dog walker told police she had come across a suspected landmine in the wooded area at 7.15pm on Sunday, a spokesman for Suffolk Constabulary said.

Sweeping Ukraine’s War Zone for Lurking Bombs
[Irish Times] The people of Svatove know all about the unintended consequences of war. Last October, a military depot containing about 3,500 tonnes of ammunition exploded on the edge of this town in eastern Ukraine.


The United Nations Policy on Victim Assistance in Mine Action (2016 Update)
[UN IACG-MA] This Policy on Victim Assistance in Mine Action replaces the 2003 “Mine Action and effective coordination: the United Nations policy - Sectoral policy: The scope of action of mine action centres and organizations in victim assistance”. It reflects the significant changes in the legal and policy framework for victim assistance which have occurred since 2003, and prevails to language relevant to victim assistance contained in “Mine Action and Effective Coordination: The United Nations Inter-Agency Policy”, which was approved by the InterAgency Coordination Group on Mine Action (IACG-MA) at the Principals’ level on 6 June 2005.

GICHD Annual Report 2015
[GICHD] Building global connections between mine action and broader human security actors is particularly important at a time when a fragmented response is no longer sufficient to deal with the complex situations on the ground. 


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