UNMAS DRC - David Dube's armed violence reduction song

Democratic Republic of the Congo

David Dube, musical ambassador of the UNMAS programme in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is originally from the North Kivu province, an area still contaminated by explosive hazards and threatened by armed violence. Following the success of his first music about the risks posed by mines and explosive remnants of war, David is now launching his new armed violence reduction song "sois le premier à remettre ton arme". 

The music, an integral component of the Congolese culture, is an alternative mean of communications to text messages, radio spots and leaflets already used by UNMAS to deliver risk education messages. David is singing in both French and Swahili, which will ensure that the song reaches an audience as broad as possible.

If you see a weapon or a suspicious items “stop, do not touch, inform someone from your community”. Contact UNMAS DRC: +243 99 904 10 46 / +243 82 038 38 32.