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Today's Mine Action News (30th August 2017)

Posted on August, 30 2017


Child Killed by Cluster Bomb near Karbala Refinery
[Iraqi News] A cluster bomb exploded on Friday in Karbala, killing a child near an oil refinery, a security source was quoted saying by Alghad Press website.

Toys teach returning Mosul families how to spot ISIS explosives
[NRT] Displaced Mosul families living in camps are being taught how to spot and report home-made bombs and explosive devices hidden by defeated Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

U.S. Support for Mine Action in Lebanon Clears Land for Peaceful Use
[Dip Note] In Lebanon, landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) have killed more than 900 people and injured thousands more since 1975. People in many parts of Lebanon face daily dangers from these deadly hazards, a legacy left over from the country’s 1975 to 1991 civil war, as well as the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict of 2006. 


Where land mines kill and maim, Princess Diana's mission lives on
[CNET] It's still dark when the men arrive for work. At the outdoor base where they've gathered, the only light is the dying glow of a campfire at a guard post near the back. 

Diana, Princess of Wales, reached out to the suffering and the world followed her
[The Times] It is nearly a quarter of a century since Buddhi Bahadur met Diana, Princess of Wales, but he still remembers the pride he felt when she held his hand.

Tackling a Deadly Legacy
[London Business School] Landmines are not an obvious subject of study for economists. “But they are a serious problem for millions of people living in emerging markets,” says Elias Papaioannou, Professor of Economics at London Business School. 

Diana's Death and Extraordinary Legacy
[Sky News] As the 20th anniversary of Diana's death approaches, Sky News looks at her legacy and back to events leading to her death.

Diana: The People's Princess
[Sky News] Ahead of the 20th anniversary of the death of The Princess of Wales, this Sky documentary features moving accounts of those who witnessed the events surrounding her death.

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