Rehabilitation Services for Disabled People

Country: Iraq
Project Code: P06-IQ04
CAP Code: IRA-08/Pr/20259
Pillar: Multiple
Appealing Agency: Kurdistan Organization for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (KORD)
Implementing Partners: Ministry of Health, Department of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, UN Development Programme (UNDP)
Summary Objectives: The project seeks to optimize the physical rehabilitation of disabled people through two prthopaedic and rehabilitation centres in Sulaimaniya and Halabja, and three outreach posts in Kalar, Penjwin and Ranya. The project intends to improve social reintegration. It will strengthen technical and managerial capacities as well as local structures to ensure programme sustainability.


  • Support the physical rehabilitation of disabled people by manufacturing prostheses and orthoses for lower and upper limbs (long and short braces).
  • Give long- and short-term physiotherapy trainings and sessions to patients with ortho-prosthetic devices and those in need.
  • Distribute walking aid items such as wheelchairs, crutches, sticks, orthopaedic shoes and walking frames.

Expected Outcomes:
  • Proper prosthesis will be provided to 300 disabled people with amputated lower limbs.
  • Five hundred orthoses will be delivered to disabled persons.
  • Approximately 6,000 physiotherapy trainings and sessions will be given to disabled people and communities in semi-urban areas.
  • Up to 1,000 walking aids will be distributed to patients and disabled people in need.
  • Victims of mines and unexploded ordnance will benefit from 75 income-generation projects.

Project Budget: $660,000
Project Duration: January 2009 through December 2009
Budget Shortfall: $660,000
Targeted Beneficiaries: Disabled people, organizations for disabled people (direct beneficiaries); Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, communities and families of disabled persons (indirect beneficiaries through the greater autonomy of disabled people)

Equipment, furniture, running costs60,000
Consumables, supplies, services150,000
Socioeconomic rehabilitation activities200,000
Local, international staff250,000

Sardar Sdiq Abdulkarim; Executive Director; Kurdistan Organization for Rehabilitation of the Disabled; Tel: 964 770 1414314; e-mail:

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