UXO Survivor Information Center, Xieng Khouang Province

Country: Lao People's Democratic Republic
Project Code: P11-LA01
Pillar: Victim assistance
Appealing Agency: World Education
Implementing Partners: Xieng Khouang Province Department of Health
Summary Objectives: To support a UXO Survivor Information Center (USIC) in Xieng Khoaung Province to address the unique needs of UXO survivors and their families and provide the general public with information regarding the needs of UXO survivors, their families and communities


  • Capacity development for a core group of UXO survivors to develop leadership and management skills to run activities of the center, develop materials (such as a quarterly newsletter) and displays to tell their stories
  • Support the daily operation of the UXO Survivor Information Center
  • Develop, implement a business plan at the USIC to promote sustainability; develop a supply chain and lines of merchandise to sell at the center
  • Handicrafts training for UXO survivors
  • Organize and support UXO survivor assistance treatment funding, follow-up, psychosocial support and livelihoods development for recent UXO survivors and their families

Expected Outcomes:
  • The USIC provides information about the needs of UXO survivor assistance to 7,000 visitors per year
  • Development of a business plan to promote sustainability
  • 2500 UXO quarterly newsletters published and available on the internet
  • Two animal raising/ veterinary skills trainings and grant support per year, for 30 UXO survivors and families
  • Ten UXO survivors will receive funding for initial treatment, follow-up and continuing medical treatment through donations from the center.

Project Budget: $100,000
Project Duration: January 2011 through January 2013
Budget Shortfall: $100,000
Targeted Beneficiaries: 300 UXO survivors, 50 Department of Health Staff, 7000 center visitors per year

BUDGET ITEMS In US$201120122013
Lao National Staff45,00035,00020,000
Resource materials25,00020,00010,000
International staff and consultants20,0005,0000
USIC administration and travel10,0005,0005,000

Mr Mark Gorman; Country Director; World Education; P. O. Box 6782, Vientiane, Lao PDR; Tel: 856 21 214524; Fax: 856 21 217553; e-mail: mark@wec.laopdr.com

last edited: Mar 12, 2011