UXO clearance operations in Chad

Country: Chad
Project Code: P11-CH03
Pillar: Mine clearance
Appealing Agency: UN Development Programme (UNDP)
and Centre National de Déminage, Tchad
Implementing Partners: International and National Operators, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), National Demining Centre (CND)
Summary Objectives: This project intends to carry out UXO clearance operations in the East and South-East of Chad. The project consists in conducting a technical survey of suspected areas, reducing and marking the areas, clearance. The marking of remaining zones to be cleared will reduce risks. The project will be implemented by Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams comprising Information management (IMSMA), Community liaison (CL) and Mine risk education (MRE) capacities.


  • Training, deployment and supervision of EOD teams
  • Technical survey, data collection
  • Area reduction of contaminated zones
  • Removal and disposal of mines and unexploded ordnance which can be treated on the spot
  • Marking of untreated areas
  • Updating the IMSMA database
  • Production of reports and analysis to guide future operations.

Expected Outcomes:
  • Number of accidents reduced and the people’s living conditions improved;
  • Planning and implementation of humanitarian and development projects in contaminated zones is facilitated and safer;
  • Accurate information is provided to Mine Action authorities, partners and donors on workload and needed resources;
  • IMSMA database updated;
  • Capacities of CND operational teams enhanced.

Project Budget: $2,133,263
Project Duration: March 2011 through February 2012
Budget Shortfall: $2,133,263
Targeted Beneficiaries: Population living in risk zones; Government of Chad, National Demining Authority and operational Center (HCND/CND); Socio-economic actors, aid and development agencies and workers.

Human resources513,694
Investments - vehicles and equipments670,308
Operational costs703,348
Mine risk education 28,354
Management and coordination78,000
Program support cost139,559

Mrs Eva FAYE; Institutional Development Advisor; United Nations Development Programme; UNDP Chad, Mine Action Project; Tel: 235 6 2437082; e-mail: faye.eva@gmail.com
Mr Saleh Hissein Hassan; Coordinateur du Centre National de Déminage; Centre National de Déminage (CND); Centre National de Déminage (CND), Chad; Tel: 235 22 524705; e-mail: salehhisseine@yahoo.fr

last edited: Mar 12, 2011