Gender and Mine Action Programme (GMAP) Mine action sectorNo
GMAP Consultancy (30 days/person x USD 550)US $16,500.00
Overhead and Operating costs of GMAPUS $1,500.00
UN Programme Support costUS $540.00
TOTALUS $18,540.00
ProjectReview and Update of Gender Guidelines for Mine Action Programmes
Area of Workn.A.
Appealing AgencyUnited Nations Mine Action Service
Project Contact PersonSutherland, Flora (NULL)
Project Budget2018: US $18,540.00
Funds Requested2018: US $18,540.00
Implementing PartnersGender and Mine Action Programme (GMAP)
Targeted BeneficiariesMine action sector
Project Duration01-01-2018 through 31-12-2018
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This project will deliver a sector-wide consultative review and update to the United Nations Gender Guidelines for Mine Action Programmes (2010). The current guidelines have served as a valuable tool for UN Headquarters and field staff to enhance the integration of gender considerations into mine action programming, however, an update is required to reflect changes in the operating context and the best practice and lessons learned over the last eight years. The update was proposed following a survey among members and partners of the Inter-Agency Coordination Group of Mine Action (IACG-MA) and was approved by the Group at the Principals level.


The revised Guidelines will provide technical guidance and support to the sector that are operational, practical, and derived from core lessons in the field.

The revision will examine aspects of gender profiling that can influence mine action outputs; incorporate case-studies and examples of best practice from the field; and assessment of the intricacies related to gender within and between groups, socio-economic considerations, and how disparate access to resources by gender can influence contamination impact and mine action interventions at the local level.


Deliverables will include:

  • Interviews and data collection from specialized personnel and practitioners across the mine action sector, including via direct interviews.
  • Facilitation of focus group discussions with donors, civil society, and UN agencies at the NDM-UN 21 in Geneva in February 2018.
  • Compilation and analysis of results collected from consultations 
  • Drafting and design of revised update to Guidelines
  • Consultation with IACG-MA on draft versions of revised Guidelines.
  • Preparation and submission of final draft of updated Gender Guidelines for approval by IACG-MA Principals.
  • Dissemination and roll out of updated Guidelines to the mine action sector.
  • UN programmes and other stakeholders effectively use the updated and revised Guidelines to mainstream gender in the planning, prioritization, implementation and monitoring/evaluation of mine action activities and internal systems.
  • Women, girls, boys and men from diverse groups benefit from and participate in mine action on an equal basis, contributing to the implementation of UNSCR 1325 and leading to more sustainable development outcomes.
$16 5002018GMAP Consultancy (30 days/person x USD 550)
$1 5002018Overhead and Operating costs of GMAP
$5402018UN Programme Support cost
United Nations Mine Action Service
Monday, January 1, 2018 to Monday, December 31, 20182018NoSutherland, Flora