Photo: UNMAS Colombia

Global Expert in Explosive Detection Dogs Visits Colombia


From 27th June to 6th July, Mr. Joakim Berlin, the global expert in Explosive Detection Dogs (EDDs) visited Colombia. His visit, organized by UNMAS with the National Authority and the Organization of American States, included various activities among which: visit to the EDD facilities of the Armed Forces in Tolemaida where among others, a demonstration of the armed forces EDDs was arranged. Joakim also visited the area of operations of HALO Trust in Antioquia, in order to see the characteristics and challenges of EDD deployment  in clearing operations in Colombia. He participated in a technical workshop on EDDs with all relevant mine action stakeholders. The workshop was a great space for dialogue between civilian and military operators with the National Authority on prospects for the use of EDDs in Colombia. Joakim also visited the EDD accreditation area and gave recommendations on its design, and the procedures necessary to assess the operational capacity of organizations. He further gave EDD training recommendations to both military and civilian operators and assisted the National Authority with the construction of national standards. 

Photos: UNMAS Colombia

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