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The United Nations Portfolio of Mine Action Projects is a unique online resource for donors, policymakers and service providers. It is a dynamic compilation of over twenty country and territory portfolios, which provide information on the current status of mine action in the country, project proposals, including the funding status. Its purpose is to serve as a reliable source of the most relevant and recent information on mine action programmes around the world. 

At the field level, a Portfolio Coordinator, either from UNDP, UNICEF, UNMAS or the National Mine Action Authority leads the coordination and development of the country or territory’s portfolio, comprising an overview of the current contamination, strategy and compilation of priority projects, with funding status of each updated on an ongoing basis. The portfolio is then submitted for review by United Nations Headquarters, an inter-agency process involving UNDP, UNICEF and UNMAS focal points, with overall coordination by UNMAS. After this review process is completed, the portfolio is published online. The portfolios are published online here and can be searched according to location, area or work or the amount of funding required. Furthermore, interactive graphs and charts provide snapshots of the entire portfolio and can be accessed here:

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