The <a href='/unmas/NDM_UN21 '>21st International Meeting of National Mine Action Programme Directors and UN Advisers </a> took place from 13 to 16 February 2018 in Geneva.UNMAS Director  <a href='/news/unmas-honoured-global-leadership-award'> receives a Global Leadership Award</a> in recognition of UNMAS leadership in the mine action sector over the past 20 years. What you always wanted to ask UNMAS about IMAS & IED Disposal Standards. Read the <a href='/sites/default/files/publications/IEDD_Standards_QandA.pdf'> IEDD Q & A </aWatch the UNMAS film <a href='/unmas/videos/betty-marco-grob-film-narrated-daniel-craig'>"Betty"</a>  narrated by the UN Global Advocate Mr. Daniel Craig.UNMAS receives <a href=''> 2017 UN SG Award</a> for Innovation and Creativity. #UNDay

UNMAS collaborates with 11 other UN departments, agencies, programmes and funds to ensure an effective, proactive and coordinated response to the problems of landmines and explosive remnants of war, including cluster munitions.


IEDs kill and maim civilians and peacekeepers. Visit the UNMAS ONLINE IED HUB.


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UNMAS in South Sudan

UNMAS was first established in 2004, in what is now South Sudan. UNMAS undertakes clearance tasks, both manual...