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Safe Ground launched in DRC

[DRC] Due to armed conflicts, Shabunda territory in South Kivu is contaminated by explosive remnants of war. Earlier this year, with the support from KOICA, UNMAS deployed a multitask team in the region to conduct technical and non-technical surveys, clear contaminated areas and destroy identified explosive devices. UNMAS successfully destroyed a PM1 sub munition at Divin Maître primary school.


As Divin Maître school is now a safe land, UNMAS launched the Safe Ground campaign in the DRC at this school site by organizing, on 20 June 2019, a football match between the 5th year and the 6th year students of this school. The campaign aims at promoting a safe and secure environment for students to go to school safely, enabling improved access to quality education and thereby supporting the sustainable development of the country.


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