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The United Nations Mine Action Strategy (the Strategy) constitutes an accountability framework for the UN system and participating UN entities. It guides collaborative efforts to prevent and address the threats posed by explosive ordnance during and after armed conflicts, while providing support to affected communities. The Strategy reflects the collective engagement by the members of the United Nations Inter-Agency Coordination Group on Mine Action (IACG-MA). Individual UN entities contribute to mine action objectives and results in accordance with their respective mandates and ensure the effective integration of mine action within global and country-level coordination mechanisms, such as those relevant to humanitarian, peace and security, and development frameworks. As agreed by IACG-MA Principals in June 2023, this Strategy will now be subject to periodic review every two years to coincide with the biennial report of the Secretary-General on assistance in mine action. The Principals of the IACG-MA endorsed the UN Strategy on 13 December 2023. The Strategy came into effect as of 1 January 2024.

UNMAS on behalf of the IACG-MA oversaw the monitoring and evaluation of the UNITED NATIONS Mine Action Strategy 2019-2023 through a mechanism by which data was collected from field programmes and results and analysis used to produce annual reports and update annually the interactive dashboard.  See annual progress reports below:

Progress Reports:

Thematic Studies:


FAQs on the Strategy

What does this Strategy mean for the United Nations?

The Strategy represents an accountability framework for the United Nations system and introduces a Theory of Change for the United Nations engagement in mine action. A reinforced Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) mechanism regularly reports on UN contributions for which it is mandated and responsible, ensuring collective accountability at headquarters and at country level.

How was it developed?

Following five months of extensive consultation and collaboration involving over 300 stakeholders, the Strategy was  endorsed by the Principals of the Inter-Agency Coordination Group on Mine Action (IACG-MA) on 4 December 2018. The result is a practical, needs-driven, people-centred and resource-efficient document with clear goals and indicators by which progress, and results may be evaluated. The Strategy is also an excellent example of enhanced coherence on the UN approach to mine action.