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NDM-UN22 Presentations from Side Events


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Tuesday, 5 February (13:30 - 14:45)

Mine Action in Somalia: Towards Victim and Disability Assistance 


South to South Cooperation in Humanitarian Mine Action: A Step Forward in National Ownership


Wednesday, 6 February (10:00 - 11:15)

Weapon Contamination and the Recovery of Human Remains


Improving Disability Inclusive Programming in Humanitarian Mine Action - Good practices and Lessons Learned


UNOPS: Meeting the Challenge Together - Implementing Projects in Complex Environments


Wednesday, 6 February (11:45 - 13:00)

Across the UN: Challenges and Responses to IEDs


Linking Mine Action and Development through Research and Policy Support


Wednesday, 6 February (13:30 - 14:45)

Virtual Worlds for Real World Action


Healthcare and Explosive Violence: Observations from Civil Society


Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Workshop


Wednesday, 6 February (15:00 - 16:15)

Protecting Civilians from a Human Rights Perspective


Emerging Technology for Mine Action in the Context of Displacement


Thursday, 7 February (13:30 - 14:45)

Findings from the Evaluation of the UK’s Global Mine Action Programme


Why Does National Capacity Development (NCD) Matter in Mine Action?

Thursday, 7 February (17:30 - 18:30)

    UNOPS: Meeting the Challenge Together - Implementing Projects with Impact