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  • Plenary Session One: Advancing Protection Through Prevention 

ms. alexandra frost, research fellow, conflict and health research group, king’s college london

mr. yosufi mohammad shafiq, director, directorate of mine action coordination, afghanistan

mr. evan rai, child protection specialist, unicef syria

  • plenary session two: enabling safe returns 

mr. ramesh rajasingham, deputy regional humanitarian coordinator, syria crisis, un

mr. abdulkadir abdulle hooshow, national director of somalia explosive management authority

  • plenary session three: the urbanization of conflict: new challenges and best practice 

dr. james kearney, head of advocacy, action on armed violence

mr. essa al-fayaadh, director general directorate of mine action (dma), iraq

  • plenary session four: no women, no peace 

ms. arianna calza bini, director, gender and mine action programme

  • plenary session five: partnerships for success 

ms. einas mohammed, head of defence and security division a.i., african union

mr. frank meeussen, eu mine action focal point, european external action service

mr. jesper holmer lund, office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs

ms. olivia selbie, m&e specialist, unmas

  • plenary session six: developing national capacity for the 2030 agenda 

mr. gazanfar ahmadov, director, anama, azerbaijan

mr. saša obradović, director a.i. bhmac, bosnia and herzegovina

  • plenary session seven: innovation in mine action 

mr. olivier cottray, head of information management, gichd

side events

  • side event: advancing development and building sustainable peace in sri lanka through achieving completion

strategic planning for completion in sri lanka

key achievements and way ahead

mag sri lanka

the halo trust sri lanka

  • side event: examining the past to promote future success

unmas: deliver by outcomes

humanitarian mine action: examining the past to promote future success

examining the past to promote future success (afghanistan)

  • side event: nts field studies and land release in a cluster munition context - applied practices

the npa approach to dealing with cluster munitions remnants

nts/ti in tajikistan

nts field studies: general findings

  • side event: the pressure to clear: clearance in protracted conflict environments

'abandonment' in the protracted conflict environment that is afghanistan

clearance in protracted conflict environments (iraq)

clearance in protracted conflict environments (afghanistan)

mines other than anti-personnel mines (motapm) - unfinished business

  • side event: the safe schools declaration and humanitarian mine action

the safe schools declaration: a framework for action

  • side event: mine action in somalia - protection, youth, skills and stability

unmas somalia kapb survey

  • side event: rapid fire innovations

c-ied operational tools

  • side event: let's talk business: mine action, the private sector and the sdgs

private sector innovation for humanitarian action

lebanon mine action center

undp presentation

  • side event: new technologies / new solutions for mine risk education in emergencies

solar powered risk education talking device (retd) project – darfur

mre mobile application - myanmar

  • side event: conflict preparedness and protection

conflict preparedness and protection in gaza

humanitarian consequences of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas

  • side event: managing quality in edd services

EDD Quality Standard in Project, Procurement and Contract Management EDD QS